What is an Ouija board?

The Ouija board is an oracle that is used to connect with the spirit worlds ask one of our telephone psychics about this service. When you ask the Witchboard, you get answers from spirits, deceased, souls, angels and other entities. A mysterious medium online for ghost questioning, the witch board is one of the most popular instruments of contact magic. The mystical alphabet table brings important messages from the Otherworld. However, the Ouija board is no bauble. Only mentally stable people should consult the occult soul writer.

The Ouija board is a tool to contact the other world. From a spiritual point of view, the desire to work with the Talking Board already illustrates the willingness to immerse oneself in the spirit worlds. An Ouija board consists of a flat surface with numbers from 0-9, letters, terms like ” yes “, ” no “, ” I go “, ” thank you” And other symbolic characters. To call the ghost creatures, users use a planchette that is used in spiritualism for automatic writing. Participants in a session place their hands or fingertips on this pointing instrument. The planchette with an opening in the middle wanders from a letter to letter and lets the message originated from the other world.

Would you like to get a Talking Board, you have the choice between square, round and oval versions. Witch boards are made of materials such as teak, metal, glass or textile. The designs also surprise with their rich diversity. Especially popular are gothic fonts and colors like black or gold. Surfaces with a high-gloss glaze, decorated with wolf motive, oriental staged skulls, cats, pentagrams or Celtic ornaments give a magic board its mystical flair. Even decors like dragons, angels or the world tree beautify a magic board.

Who invented the Witchboard?

The Ouija board has been part of the paranormal instruments since time immemorial and was used for contact magic in Asia as early as 1,100 AD. The inventor of the current Talking Board is American lawyer Elijah Jefferson Bond, who in 1891 secured a patent for his creation. After several patents, Hasbro is now the owner of the rights and sells witch boards as toys. The witchboard gained great fame through films like “Ouija: Origin of Evil”.

How do you use a witch board?

You do not need any magic knowledge to use the Witchboard. However, several sources point to the risks of the application. For example, use may cause anxiety, psychosis, delusions, or depression. Working with the magic board works like glasses, except that the planchette brings messages from the shadow world. If you would like to prepare a séance with the Ouija board, you should choose a quiet room without any disturbing noises. The alphabet board is placed in the middle of a table around which two to six participants can be grouped.

Even if you just want to use the Talking Board for entertainment, you should follow certain rules and comply with:

  • Never question the spirit world alone
  • Please summon the ghost politely
  • Do not ask the spirit to the cause of death
  • Never ask for your own date of death

Do not ask naive questions: “What did Anna say about me?”

  • Do not ask for physical signs
  • Finish a session with a friendly farewell

What questions does an Ouija board answer?

With the free Witch board online you can try the oracle without obligation. The virtual witch pendulum usually responds with yes or no after typing your question in a box. Often an oracle saying that can be interpreted by a Witch board expert in chat or on the phone will appear. The online survey of an alphabet table is not comparable to a real seance. Ghost Summon with the magic board includes questions about death dates, illnesses, salary increases, and lottery numbers.